Reality strikes hard Ram Charan and his fans!

Post the super success of Ram Charan’s Magadheera, Orange became a super flop. And from then Charan went on to do mass masala entertainers one by one. He even managed to bag success with films of average and below average quality like Racha, Nayak. The success can not even be nominal, he managed to bag 40 Crore share minimum with this kind of movies which is a big uphill task for other heroes’ above average to hit movies.

There was a time when Mega fans used to proudly say that any movie of their hero is a easy 40 Crore club films. Finally their enthusiasm was drained with Ram Charan’s recent film. A small example for this, Thoofan has collected 34 Lakh Share on the day one which is of Ram Charan standard and the second day collections took a drastically dip to 5.09 Lakh share , a figure which is not even of the standard of a hero, half the caliber of Ram Charan.