Gentleman Overseas collections, Gentleman USA collections, Gentleman Premier collections, Gentleman Overseas collection report, nani gentleman collectionsNani’s Gentleman opened to some strong word of mouth last Friday. The US collections from the premiere shows were also good. With now the current collections being $571K, the film needs a very strong second week to cross the $700K mark which is a minimum to say that the film is a break even and hit 1 Million mark to make Overseas buyers happy.

The film suffers from the problem of suspense element and half of it has been revealed which is also a spoiler for the film. Also, for the NRI’s to rush to the theaters, it is not a family film also and this is also hampering matters much.

With weekdays starting now, the real test for the film starts. Nani’s market in the US has increased by leaps and bounds but is this enough for the film to go and get itself in a safe genre. We need to wait a few more days to find out whether this Gentleman be sail smoothly or not.