Praveen sattaru- Ram Pothineni Movie ShelvedRam Pothineni’s movie with director Praveen Sattaru was said to be shelved for some undisclosed reasons leading to speculations on the reasons. Now, the director clarified with regard to shelving the project. The budget constraints are said to be the reason.

The team wanted to shoot the movie in the backdrop of the Himalayas and getting permissions for the shooting was said to be very expensive and hence dropped the project altogether at the pre-production stage. The director’s next movie isn’t confirmed yet.

Praveen Sattaru did very films but earned a negative reputation for his aggressive talk. He earned the wrath of the US audiences when he made cheap comments on them when his previous movie ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ was released. Going by his nature, one wonders if it is the budget or the creative differences that resulted in the big decision to shelve the project.