Real Reason Behind NTR's That TweetEvery year on May 20, marking Jr NTR’s birthday, his fans assemble in front of his house in a bid to see him. The same happened this year.

NTR’s fans turned up in big numbers in front of his house on the night of May 19 to wish him a happy birthday.

But NTR wasn’t at his house. Fans, who were unaware of the same were waiting and shouting NTR slogans. This escalated to a tricky situation as it was already late and a huge number of fans had turned up at NTR’s house.

In order to bring the situation under control, the police had to intervene and enforce a lathi charge. A few of the attendees were even detained by the police. No cases were filed on them but they were kept in the police station all night long and released on the corresponding day.

NTR then released a letter, apologising to his fans for not able to meet them. Not many knew why NTR apologised to his fans at that point in time, but this is what exactly happened.