Real Reason Behind Narappa Amazon ReleaseSuresh Babu astonished all with his decision of skipping theatrical release and having Narappa on OTT. The remake of Asuran, the film is scheduled for release on Amazon Prime Video on July 20. The move however has come under the radar as not only exhibitors but Venkatesh fans too for long requested Suresh Babu on social media to only go for theatrical.

Suresh Babu has now broken his silence over the issue where he says that Narappa is co-jointly produced by Kalaippuli S Thanu, the producer of Asuran. “Kalaippuli released Asuran in theatres, which made good business in the first weekend. But the film in the second week had 50 percent occupancy and in their week it was removed from theaters,” says Suresh Babu.

Suresh Babu says that this fear has caught Kalaippuli who dreads the same may happen with Narappa. “One fine day he called me up and said he got a fancy deal for Narappa and asked my view. I can’t take the decision all alone and neither I can force him as he is also the co-producer. And at the end of the day, it is a business module. We are aware that scores of fans and exhibitors will be disappointed. But the situation is such that we went for OTT release,” opines Suresh Babu.

Suresh Babu questions that the third wave is about to come and what if the same thing happens again. He says that OTT is like a boon now. “What if this module was not present? Then no source of entertainment would have been now,” asks Suresh Babu. He suggested that if not for OTT, again things would have gone for satellite.

Suresh Babu further adds the OTT and theaters will have their own set of audience. With the progress of technology and new avenues, we should also upgrade with underlining that theaters can never be replaced.