Shocking Transformation Of Ravi Teja Leaves People SpellboundMass Maharaja Ravi Teja will be next seen in Disco Raja. It has been in the making for a long time. The star has been going through a fitness regime that requires him to look a certain way for the movie. A sample of the transformation was out today, and it has left the movie lovers spellbound.

Take a look at the image below. Disco Raja directed by Vi Anand is said to be a time travel based revenge drama. Ravi Teja will be seen in two get-ups where one is said to be a younger version. The picture that has come out shows us a glimpse of that youthful look.

Ever since the image has surfaced online, it has become a hot talking point. Many can’t believe the look and say that there might be some digital touch up involved. To know the reality, we have to wait until the movie gets completed and hits the screens.

Ravi Teja is in desperate need of a huge success. His last three films have been disastrous. The buzz that Disco Raja is garnering is, therefore, a healthy sign and shows that the audience is interested in the movie.