Real Inspiration For KGF 2 Iconic ShotThe teaser of KGF 2 had clocked over 210 million views on YouTube and it is only fair to say that the actioner is one of the most anticipated films in Indian cinema.

Coming to the topic, there is one particular shot in KGF 2’s teaser that caught the attention of the viewers. In this shot, Yash, who plays the central role in the KGF duology is seen lighting a cigarette with a red-hot machine gun barrel.

Well, it appears to be that there is a real-life inspiration for this iconic shot.

In a historic picture that has surfaced on the internet, we can see three US soldiers lighting cigarettes with an overheated barrel of a M2 Browning gun.

Surprisingly enough, the guns in both, KGF 2’s iconic shot, and the historic picture look strikingly similar.

As for KGF2, the film is announced for theatrical on the 14th of April next year. Prashanth Neel helmed this much-awaited actioner.