'Ready to Sleep for Roles? Call This Guy' - Sajitha MadathilThere was a lot of mess created in the film industry all over the country irrespective of the regions with the casting couch revolution. While people are in the opinion that those people are refraining at least now to ask “favors” for a role. But looks like the situation has not even changed a little bit.

The Malayalam actress Sajitha Madathil’s recent confession on Facebook has brushed up the issue again. As the actress exposed the favor asking guy, Sajitha was approached for a role and asked about her experience in acting and then finally before they lock the deal, he asked if she is ready for “compromises and adjustments”.

The shocked actress gave it back to him with her post sharing the guy, Karthik’s number and gave a note to call if anyone is interested to compromise for a role.

Now the phone number is not reachable and at least this Karthik will think twice the next time he tries to repeat the same. What a pity.