oka manasu, Oka Manasu Niharika, Naga Shourya, Oka Manasu Movie, Oka Manasu Talk, Oka Manasu review, Niharika about Oka manasu, Anjana Productions Naga Babu’s own production house ‘Anjana Productions’ isn’t making films anymore after the debacle of ‘Orange’ in 2010. Except ‘Bavagaru Bagunnara’, none of the films he produced made him happy at box-office.

In a promotional interview for mega daughter Niharika’s debut movie ‘Oka Manasu’, when she was asked what she would have done if she hadn’t been an actor, she said that she would have re-started her father’s production house ‘Anjana Productions’.

Though both Naga Babu and Allu Arvind produced movies with Chiranjeevi, it was Allu Arvind who could make the most out of the stardom of Chiru when he was in the peaks of his career and make huge profits. Though Naga Babu is the brother of Chiru, he couldn’t benefit from his brother’s stardom.