Ram Chaaran - Shankar ShanmugamA film in the combination of Ram Charan and Shankar is huge. It brings together two of the biggest mass forces in South Indian cinema. However, RC15 is not getting the ‘huge’ Shankar vibe, and hence not seen as a typical Shankar movie. It is especially seen online. The director’s lack of form further adds fire to it.

It all started with Dil Raju as producer. He is a massive name in Telugu do doubt, but so far, he hasn’t produced anything on the scale that Shankar is famous for. Moreover, Dil Raju is known for his shrewd businessman skills that are in contrast with the grandeur and opulence of a Shankar directorial.

The next on the list is Thaman has the music director. Enough has been said already regarding his combination with Shankar.

And, the latest is the selection of Jani Master as the principal choreographer of RC15. It has led to a widespread debate online among Mega fans and movie lovers. It is raising the question if RC15 is indeed a Shankar ‘scale’ film or not?

The next on the list would be the cinematographer, no doubt. We have to see who gets selected. RC15 commences its regular shoot from September. We would know the answers to all the questions raised by the naysayers only in 2022. RC15 is expected to be out in cinemas by the end of the first half of 2022.