Raviteja RT68Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja announced a new film, RT68. It will be helmed by director Trinadha Rao Nakkina. So, how is this connected to Maruthi, and what could be the revenge here? Well, read on.

First thing –RT68 will bring Ravi Teja his highest remuneration in the career. It is markedly higher than what he got previously for Krack.

Second thing – Ravi Teja is reportedly going to play a lawyer in the yet-untitled movie. It will be an out and out mass entertainer with a lot of emphasis on the ‘entertainment’.

Now, if one can put two and two together, it will be easy to guess the sweet revenge from Ravi Teja.

A film in Ravi Teja and Maruthi’s combination was planned, which got dropped at the last minute due to a remuneration issue. Ravi Teja wanted his market price, and it was before Krack’s release. It is increased now.

Ravi Teja was supposed to play a lawyer in the proposed movie with Maruthi. Gopichand is doing the same part now. Meanwhile, Ravi Teja is essaying the same lawyer character(according to the buzz) in Trinadha Rao Nakkina’s film.

Now, if RT68 also makes it to a September release, things would be coming full circle. We have to see who has the upper hand eventually by scoring the bigger success.