Ravi Teja upcoming film Power is just days away from completing its entire shoot. The post production work too is already underway and the makers have in the past categorically hinted at the release date of the film to be in the last week of August. Now amidst all the chaos with release dates Power makers have given clarity officially on its arrival.

Power starring Ravi Teja is officially confirmed to have its release on August 29. An audio launch function for the film is being planned on August 10 in Hyderabad and even as we update this, the work on the event is underway. This announcement comes at a time when another biggie Rabhasa is facing trouble with release. It looks as if the makers of Power knew what would eventually be the scenario like and have therefore made an official announcement before the other party does it to block the release date. But in Telugu film industry it’s not over until it’s over. So we have to wait for the film to finish censor to know the exact status of release.

Meanwhile for Rabhasa this announcement, although anticipated, might be a reminder of how things aren’t going to be smoother if they postpone their movie as well. They would be facing the same problem they are most likely to face with Sikindar even then, only the film would be ready with proper post production. So will they postpone their film again or will they take risk with Sikindar compromising the quality in process. Then there is a chance of hearing a completely new release date all together which is also being heard in the industry. This could come as a complete shocker if and when this announcement is indeed made.

Rabhasa has been plagued with troubles ever since its launch and there seems to be no end to them at the moment. Will Power stick to its release date or will Rabhasa go ahead without thinking of consequences? Like musical chairs the ever funny game of mockery of release dates continues in Telugu cinema.