Ravi Teja's 'Jampandu' Delivers Baby GirlIt’s hard for the Telugu audiences to forget director Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Hai re Hai Jampandu Roi’ song in ‘Sindhooram’ picturised on Ravi Teja and Telugu-Kannada heroine, natural beauty Sanghavi.

The 42-year-old actress gave birth to a baby girl recently and shared the pic of her little bundle of joy on the recent Mothers’ Day. Though it might seem late to turn a mother when she is 42, what matters is Sanghavi’s happiness.

She married a businessman named Venkatesh in 2016 when she was 39 years old and after three years, she delivered her first child recently. She acted in several movies in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil including Hindi.

Besides ‘Jampandu’ song, her innocence in Nagarjuna’s ‘Seetaramaraju’ movie and the song ‘Srivaaru Doragaru’ song has still been one of the favourite songs for Telugu audiences. We still hear them regularly on TikTok videos.