Ravi Teja’s Future Directors: Who’ll Deliver?Things are not going as per the plans for Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. His latest film Ramarao on Duty, has sunk without any trace. Because of this debacle, the future of his upcoming films is also under the radar.

Ravi Teja‘s upcoming films include Dhamaka and Ravanasura. Both the films are directed by not-so-exciting directors like Trinadha Rao Nakkina and Sudheer Varma. He also has Mega154, where he is playing a crucial role along with Chiru.

There are also reports that he has finalized another movie with director Sriwass, who is also out of form these days.

Trade analysts say that Ravi Teja needs to retrospect and wait for good projects. He shouldn’t sign movies just to make money. He is destroying his own market by signing substandard projects.

Fans and wellwishers are also not too optimistic about the choice of Ravi Teja’s films lately. They are commenting on social media that gone are the days when even an ordinary film used to get some sort of acceptance at the box office.

Today the audience is only interested in films that are exceptional and exciting, and Ravi Teja needs to up his game. He still has a lot of box office potential and can deliver successful films with good content, a decent star cast, and skilled directors.

It will be interesting to see which director will deliver the much-needed hit to Ravi Teja.