Ravi Teja’s 68 Surging Ahead Of Others! Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is busy with multiple films in hand. A couple of them are already on sets, and a couple will be on floors soon. RT68 is the one that recently started its shoot, and it’s already becoming a top awaited movie for the fans. The curiosity and interest of the fans are stocked with some intriguing poster glimpses.

The makers have released another poster to announce the arrival of the actual first look. The new glimpse has further added to the intrigue created by the movie shooting commencement image recently.

The second glimpse poster showcases Ravi Teja’s character being ambidextrous, i.e. he can write with both hands. Previously we saw an image from the back where Ravi Teja is going through the papers. Could the new glimpse be what is on the other side?

The yet-untitled films will reportedly have a period portion. Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is said to be playing the role of a Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO). A newcomer Sarath Mandava has reportedly come up with an excellent story, and the posters give a nice build-up to it.

RT68 will be the follow up of Khiladi from Ravi Teja. These will be his immediate releases after the blockbuster success of Krack. The first look poster of RT68 will be out at 10:08 AM on July 12th.