Why Is Ravi Teja In a Hurry?Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is on a roll these days. His next Ramarao On Duty is due for release next week, and he has 4-5 films lined up in the next few months.

He has Dhamaka, an action entertainer directed by Trinadharao Nakkina. Next is Tiger Nageswara Rao with a new director, Vamsee, then there is Ravanasura with director Sudheer Varma. He has also signed up for Mega154 next with Bobby. There are also talks that Anil Ravipudi might work on the sequel for Raja The Great after the completion of NBK108.

Many on social media are complaining that he is turning out to be the Akshay Kumar of Tollywood. Signing too many films, having multiple releases in a year, and that too with new directors.

Netizens are saying that if a star keeps on doing films one after the other, the audience will lose interest, as happened with Akshay Kumar. Also, the exclusive factor attached to a star goes for a toss if he has a new release every 2-3 months.

Some are also commenting that Ravi Teja might have realized that he has very less time left to continue doing mainstream hero roles, so he has decided to make as much money as possible in these limited years, and that is the reason for him doing films left, right, and center.