Ravi-Teja-YS-JaganYS Jagan-led Andhra Pradesh government had been under the pump for a while now for delaying the salaries for government employees. This has even led to a series of trolls on social media.

Incidentally, today’s theatrical release, Dhamaka, featuring Ravi Teja has a very interesting dialogue in this context.

Hyper Adhi who plays an important role in the film says “బాబోయ్ అప్పటినుంచి వేసారా లేదా వేసారా లేదా? ( ఫైట్ సీన్ లో) ఒకటో తారీకు వచ్చింది నా శాలరీ వేసారా లేదా?”. (It’s 1st of the month and I don’t know if they’ve credited my salary or not).

Netizens are now connecting the dots as they say Dhamaka takes a clever potshot at the Jagan government over the delayed salaries issue which has been a burning topic on social media for a long time now.

It is not uncommon for a few films to take a jibe at the current political scenario and the same could be the case with Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka now. It is a reflective of the current scenario in AP so there isn’t too much to read into it.