RavanasuraRavi Teja is on a signing spree who is all out experimenting with genres and teaming up with new-age directors. The actor who announced his 70th film with Sudheer K Varma, the first look glimpse is out now.

The film is titled Ravanasura and Ravi Teja essays as Dashamukha. The poster shows Ravi Teja seated on a unique chair that carries a dreaded look. The poster is striking as at the back of Ravi Teja, nine different facial expressions are given out. Just like the title Ravanasura, all the 10 facial expressions seem to emote a different connotation. This will only be known after we get to see the trailer possibly.

Apart from them, the poster carries rifles, and Ravi Teja clad in a lawyer’s getup. The entire first look is intriguing. Moreover, it is the caption that piques curiosity, which goes as ‘Heroes Don’t Exist But Demons Does’.

The quirky caption and the first look possibly hint that Ravi Teja may be the saviour for all the gullible people. However, it is too early to say. Check out the whacky demon poster of Ravi Teja.