Ravi Teja, Ravi Teja Remuneration, Ravi Teja Payment, Ravi Teja Financial Issues, Ravi Teja Money Matters, Ravi Teja Fee, compensationWhat is Ravi Teja’s next film which is on sets right now? We really don’t have an answer because, as per some reports, Mass Maharaja’s latest project also was shelved due to various reasons.

Though this isn’t the first film to be shelved recently, Ravi Teja didn’t open up about the reasons for shelving the films one by one. The current film which was shelved was ‘Robinhood’ with director Chakri. What is the reason for keeping the project aside for the time being?

It is said that Ravi Teja isn’t in a mood to lessen his remuneration, in spite of no proper hit in the recent times. Whatever might be the reason, the Mass Maharaja’s fans are eager to know the details of his next film and will be happy if things get going instead of ambiguity.