Ravi Teja Lip-lockMass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Khiladi trailer is out the other day. There is a passionate lip lock between Ravi Teja and the heroine. Buzz is that Ravi Teja will also have another lip lock with the other heroine. This is the first time Ravi Teja is indulged in liplocks in recent times.

There has been a discussion on social media if the liplocks are really necessary to Ravi Teja at this age.

Liplocks in the films of young heroes do not need much of purpose. They can have it just for the sake of having without any purpose.

But then, we will have to see if the audience receive it for aged heroes like Ravi Teja.

The age gap between the senior heroes and the young heroines are already a debate and this kind of romance may not go well with the audience always.

Khiladi is releasing on 11th of this month. The movie is the first notable film releasing in the Telugu film industry after the third wave.