raviteja comments about akshay and salmanBoth Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have done remakes of Ravi Teja which have went on to become the biggest grosser their respective career. Those remakes are still the highest collected films of those stars. So what does Ravi Teja has to say about them.

Ravi Teja says that he finds Akshay Kumar and style similar to his but he feels that there is nothing common with Salman Khan. The actor says that Salman Khan is a complete different personality and hence the Kick remake came across like a different film where as Rowdy Rathore on the other hand was how the actor had imagined it to be.

In the coming year actor Ravi Teja is expected to star in the remake of Akshay Kumar’s critical and commercially successful film Special 26. The actor says that the remake would take time to go onto sets as he has two films to complete before starting this remake. The last time Ravi Teja acted in a remake was Shambo Shiva Shambo which released in 2010.