Pawan Kalyan Sreeleela Ravi TejaHot n Happening actress Sreeleela is being signed for big-budget films left, right, and center. After the smashing success of Dhamaka and Pelli SandaD, every maker wants to cash in on the Sreeleela wave.

Before the release of Dhamaka, there was severe criticism about the age gap between Sreeleela and Ravi Teja. There was heavy trolling that their pair would look like a father-daughter duo. But after the release of the film, all went silent.

In the film, the pair looked not bad at all, thanks to Ravi Teja’s energetic dance movements, his styling, and his young looks. He somehow managed to make the pair look convincing and silenced all his critics.

Now according to the reports, Sreeleela is paired with Pawan Kalyan in one of his upcoming films Ustaad Bhagat Singh. Already trolls have started criticizing the age difference between the pair.

Unlike Ravi Teja, Pawan Kalyan hasn’t been able to maintain his physique due to his political tours. His recent flabby and haggard looks make him look aged on screen.

And Pawan, who used to try few simple dance moves in the past, has now restricted himself to doing very minimal dance due to his political image. All these factors add up and make people believe that his pairing with Sreeleela might look weird and not convincing.

We have to wait and see how Pawan and the makers will manage to make this pair look appealing on the big screen.