Ravi Teja Confirms Dil Raju's Interference!Ravi Teja took a two years’ gap between his previous release and the latest movie ‘Raju, The Great’. “It’s not the gap I took, but it’s the gap that happened for my good,” said Ravi Teja who had travelled during this gap and also took care of his fitness.

Talking about Dil Raju’s interference in script and direction, Ravi Teja confirmed that Dil Raju indeed gives his opinions but in a productive and a positive manner. So, being a producer, his involvement is necessary said Ravi Teja. Elaborating on this fact, director Anil Ravipudi explained it’s not just involvement.

When Dil Raju gives his opinion it’s not a disturbance but guidance for delivering a better product. Though he gives suggestions, he leaves the decision to the director and the team whether to take the suggestions are not. Henceforth, Anil Ravipudi is comfortable working with Dil Raju.