Ravi Teja brother Bharat booked for nuisance

Actor Bharat, brother of Telugu actor Ravi Teja, has been booked by Madhapur police for nuisance. Bharat was found by police on Monday night in an extremely drunk condition and when they tried to control him, he misbehaved with them. He has been booked for causing nuisance. Madhapur police are taking him to Miyapur court to file a case.

This is not the first time Bharat has been involved in such matters. In the past, he was booked for procession of drugs while his other brother Raghu was booked for smoking in a public place in Tirupathi. Police said that Bharat can apply for anticipatory bail if he would like to.

I’m certain this will be cause a lot of tension for Ravi Teja, who has never been in any controversies in his career.