Ravi Teja Bounced Back, Back from Fading AwayThe performance of Ravi Teja’s ‘Krack’ at the box-office sprang a big surprise turning out to be the Sankranthi blockbuster when everyone thought that he faded away after back-to-back wrong choices and poor performances at the box-office.

Heis one of the few heroes who enjoys a fan following from all the heroes’ fans. His presence in mass entertainers always shined whenever there is a right script for him with the right director on board. Incredibly, he achieved all this without any background.

The 53 years old actor bounced back big time with ‘Krack’ and the first glimpse of his upcoming movie ‘Khiladi’ has garnered the attention of the audiences. Because of ‘Krack’, ‘Khiladi’ is going to do good pre-release business and there would be decent expectations on it.

If Ravi Teja can continue the same choosing the right scripts that suit his on-screen image, it would be a game-changer for him in the coming days.