Raveena TandonThe government of India announced the list of this years candidates who are accorded with the prestigious civilian award of Padma Shri. There was one rather unexpected inclusion in the same.

The said inclusion is that of Raveena Tandon. Netizens are unable to come to terms with the fact that Raveena has won Padma Shri.

A netizen commented that “After winning the award Raveena said she never worked for awards. Well, she was a hundred percent right. Her work was never worthy enough to win a Padma Shri. How on earth did she end up winning one?”.

“Raveena Tandon gets a Padma Shri – for the hottest figure in Bollywood for a span of about 6 months sometime in the 1990s” another netizen commented.

There are a whole lot of memes and trolls on Raven winning the Padma Shri award. This has become the most talked about topic on social media now.