Ravanasura_TeaserThe makers of Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura have unveiled the teaser of the film a short while ago. Going by the same, Ravi Teja is trying something strikingly new with this Sudheer Varma directorial.

The teaser starts with the visuals of a cruel murder and the narrative implies that Ravi Teja is behind it. He appears to be playing a dual-shade character or dual characters.

We also see Sushanth Akkineni in a pivotal role that has a fair bit of action associated with it. As it appears, the film will predominantly run on the characterizations.

There’s Sudheer Varma-mark slick action shots in the teaser. The one shot with Ravi Teja carrying a bullhead weaponry looks slick on screen.

The BGM and the visual presentation are impressive. It is essentially established that the film is an action-based murder mystery with Ravi Teja playing a fresh role. We get the impression that he is out of his shell and is trying something new with Ravanasura.

The film is announced for release on the 7th of April and the same is confirmed again through the teaser now. With just over a month to go, more promotional material will be dropped to amp up the pre-release hype.