Ban on Rashmika? Pushpa 2 and Varisu in Danger?Rashmika Mandanna is loved by millions, but a section of people, especially in Karnataka, hate her to the core. The reason for the hatred is that she broke off her engagement with Rakshit Shetty for her career in 2018. They feel she has betrayed Kannadigas by rejecting Rakshit Shetty.

Now there is news floating on social media that Rashmika Mandanna has been banned by the Kannada film industry. It is being said that Kannada theatre owners, organizations, and the cinema industry will soon take action on Rashmika. They may even go to the extent of banning her films in Karnataka.

But the truth is that there are no official reports about banning Rashmika Mandanna. These are all fake news created by rumor mongers feeding on publicity by defaming a girl who has come up on her own.

Would such news have come out if it was a Kannada male actor rejecting a girl? Just because Rashmika is a woman, people think she is vulnerable, and they can affect her mentally and professionally by creating such rumors. Such is the hypocrisy rampant in society.

Rakshit has moved on, and so has Rashmika…So the lovely Kannadigas need to move on as well.

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