Rashmika MandannaNot all have the guts to speak their minds like Rashmika Mandanna who has literally bared her heart listing out all the insecurities she had during the lockdown and how she has been coping with them.

It was a mature and lengthy post from Rashmika Mandanna Too Insecure of Physique & Work that will make us introspect about herself. She must be daring enough to say that she was insecure about her work, her heart, physique and mental health.

Contrary to the google meaning of the word ‘insecurities’, Rashmika Mandanna says that ‘it’s being human’. What others think about us make us feel insecure and we keep wondering about being too oily, too skinny, too fat, too rough, dry skin etc.

Figuring out that we can’t control everything and how others think about us, Rashmika Mandanna Too Insecure of Physique & Work says that one has to believe in oneself and hustle until the end. The lengthy post had so much depth inherently and she made a lot of sense.