Rashmika Banned From Kannada Cinema? She ClarifiesVery recently, there was a controversy surrounding Rashmika Mandanna. In an interview, she wasn’t keen on uttering the name of the production house that gave her her first acting opportunity. This led to an uproar and there was even a talk on social media that Kannada production and distribution troops have decided to ban Rashmika and her films in Karnataka.

When asked about the same, Rashmika dropped an affirmative statement and she confirmed that she is not banned from Kannada cinema.

“What happens in my personal life remains with me and those connected with me. During Kantara’s release, a few people overreacted unnecessarily on me. But I didn’t take it seriously. I even messaged Kantara cast and crew to congratulate over the success. I cant show out all these messages to public just to prove my point” Rashmika said.

Rashmika clarified that she is still respectful and thankful to Kannada cinema and there is no such thing as she getting banned from the Kannada language industry. She said she is even ready to act in Kannada films if the right offer comes her way. The actress has shut the social media speculations with this statement.