Rashmika Gets Uncomfortable at Private PartyRashmika, who has got a good following in Hindi cinema post the success of Pushpa was in the news the other day as she made her presence felt at the 50th birthday bash of Karan Johar which was held in Mumbai.

Rashmika was seen walking the red carpet in a black slit dress. Though she looked ravishing, one can say that Rashmika couldn’t carry the costume properly and that was clearly visible in her uncomfortable walking.

In all the videos that have come out, Rashmika is struggling hard to even pose with her dress and left the posing podium in a jiffy not to further embarrass herself.

The same was the case with Pooja Hegde as the lanky beauty was seen in a golden short dress and looked gorgeous. She too had issues posing for the camera with her dress but she managed somehow and scored a bit more marks than Rashmika when it come to holding the media’s attention.