Rashmika Demands Flight Tickets For Her Pet Dog We have heard many stories about how heroines go to torment the producers. The more they are in demand, the higher their tantrums are. Here is a fascinating story of Rashmika who is in high demand now.

We have seen actresses demanding Business class tickets and five star accommodation to the battalion of staff accompanying them. Rashmika went a step ahead.

The actress is demanding flight tickets for her pet dog as well. Apparently, the actress says the dog can not leave without her.

Dogs can be taken in the luggage producing vaccination and fit for air travel certificates. They will be charged extra and outside the luggage limit of the passengers. They are charged as per the weight of the dog. It is almost like another ticket.

So, the producers are forced to book the dog as well in the same flight as the actress. Usually, producers try to save money by booking tickets on the lowest pricing flights.

But not all airlines allow pets on board. So that limits the options for the producers. Along with that, the timings of the flights and planning her schedule accordingly everything becomes difficult

But these are the troubles one has to undergo, if they are dealing with a star heroine.