rashmi-gautam-get-a-life-outside-the-studiosWhenever we come across a news piece informing us about a heinous rape crime, we feel like butchering the guys who raped innocent girls. The heat of the moment makes us to at least respond verbally, if not in person, directly. Rashmi Gautam did the same when she came across a rape incident which said that a teenage girl was bathed with acid after she attempted to resist the gang rape by four young guys.

Responding to this news item, Rashmi made some harsh comments that men’s genital organs should be chopped off so that they wouldn’t be able to commit rape. She responded as there was a context, and obviously, Rashmi didn’t that every male should undergo that punishment. It was an objective statement without personal perspective but a general opinion whenever we hear about a rape crime that happened.

But, one Twitterati took it seriously as if she was cursing the entire male population and called her a damsel in distress. He also said, “Get a life outside the studios!”. Rashmi retorted saying that rape isn’t a free will, and asked him to get the facts right. She also alleged that he was writing on her wall for getting 10 seconds of fame. Here, Rashmi was objective but the guy took it subjectively, personalizing her opinion.