Ranjitha venerated by Swami Nithyananda Tamil actress Ranjitha who was in news few years ago over a scandalous incident involving Swami Nithyananda is back in the news again after a long disappearance. The actress has decided to quit films completely and dedicate her life completely to the spiritual side. She has been venerated for the same by none other than Swami Nithyananda on the occasion of the 37th birthday of the latter. Ranjitha will henceforth be known as Maa Anandamayi.

This incident is in news not because she has chosen to quit films and gone to the spiritual side but because she has chosen to do so again for Swami Nithyananda. People might remember that the scandalous incident in the past involved both of them being caught in compromising position on tape. This has maligned image of the Swami and since then the actress too has been completely invisible. It has therefore surprised many that she has chosen to take spirituality again under the same Swami after all this time in disappearance.