Rangasthalam-–-Why-Fans-Should-Not-Expect-Record-OpeningsWhenever a big star movie is about to release, fans usually start expecting record openings. The comparisons with previous record openers take place. However, it must be clear by now that such expectations might be futile with Rangasthalam.

The Mega Powerstar Ram Charan starrer is going to release on March 30, and as of now, it doesn’t look like the movie is going to get a Non-Baahubali 2 records anywhere.

There is a curiosity on the movie, but it is more regarding the hero, performances and overall subject, not regarding the records. It is a good trend, and it means people are ready to watch the movie in significant numbers provided it gets good talk and spreads to the general audience. The curiosity is not such that one has to watch the film ‘first-day-first-show’ that results in record openings.

The makers too seem to be aware of the expectations, and the release is planned with that in mind. They are not bombarding the screens with Rangasthalam. Instead, they are giving it a big enough release to accommodate the initials and then sustain it with good word of mouth. The idea is to have more house full boards and let the talk spread, as opposed to carper bombing release and calculate the occupancy. The former is done for a long run whereas the later is front-loading the numbers.

The release strategy suggests the makers are confident. Now, if fans also keep the intention in mind, it would be a perfect outing for them.