Rangasthalam Run-Time Costing in USA Premiers?Sukumar is one of the favourites for the US audiences and he is coming with a star hero, Ram Charan who enjoys a huge fan base. Despite these pluses, ‘Rangasthalam’ is getting only limited shows for the premieres. The reason is its run-time.

We know that the run-time of ‘Rangasthalam‘ is nearly 3 hours and this seems to be costing the makers as it is hard to get the number of screens for the film. It’s one of those rare cases when the run-time is causing the exhibitors to have limited shows.

Several locations are having around 2 premiere shows on Thursday, which is comparatively less for the crazy combination of Ram Charan and Sukumar. Hope, more locations will be added once the film opens with the positive talk from the premiere shows. In the US, it’s hard to find prime time shows with such a lengthy run-time.