Rangasthalam---Don't-Come-with-Expectations---SukumarThough Sukumar appealed to the audiences not to come to the theatres with expectations, the songs, promos and the rustic looks of the lead actors had certainly raised some expectations on ‘Rangasthalam‘.

Nevertheless, Sukumar asks the audiences to come to theatres with an empty mind, i.e., like a white paper with nothing written on it. Rangasthalam will be out in a few hours and just before release Sukumar assures that the lengthy run-time isn’t an issue, though.

It’s Sukumar’s film and he might have felt there is no need to trim the movie. But, when Chiranjeevi supported the lengthy run-time and assured that there is no need to trim even a scene, the director felt rest assured. The movie is almost 3 hours and if it opens to a positive talk, that would be the nicest thing for the team.