Rangasthalam-Censor-Copy-Clears-All-DoubtsSome things are understood naturally and if there are still any doubts, the Censor Certificate of Ram Charan’s Summer release ‘Rangasthalam‘ had cleared all the doubts. The run-time of the movie is 179 minutes 3 seconds.

The confidence of the makers is evident from the fact that Sukumar had stuck to his guns and restrained from trimming the movie. However, this kind of lengthy run-time comes with its own risks. If the movie opens up with a positive word of mouth like in the case of ‘Arjun Reddy’, then there wouldn’t be any issue in the first place.

Seeing on the other side of the coin, if the talk from the opening shows turns out to be a mixed one, then it would be a big headache to the audiences to bear with the lengthy run-time. This is a bold step indeed. Looks like Sukumar is very confident on the final product and couldn’t trim the movie.

We know that he even re-shoot some scenes to fill the gaps. So, it might be his point of view regarding the content and the rest rests in the hands of the audiences. If he is right regarding the length of the movie, there wouldn’t be an issue.