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Ranbir Kapoor Communicated with Prabhas

Ranbir Kapoor Communicated with PrabhasAfter Baahubali, South heroes are getting recognition in Bollywood and the names of Prabhas and Rana have become like common Bollywood heroes’ names. Young Bollywood hero Ranbir Kapoor’s communication to Prabhas shows off this difference.

After watching the first part of Baahubali, Ranbir Kapoor sent a personal message to Prabhas. Revealing this fact, Prabhas explained that it felt really nice to be appreciated. Ranbir Kapoor is known as a terrific performer who can get into the subtleties of every role he takes up.

For another question, Prabhas confirmed that his next movie isn’t going to be the next installment of the super hit ‘Dhoom’ series. It’s an action movie. It’s nice to see our heroes being appreciated. Here onwards, other heroes who deliver good content would also get noticed as Bollywood started recognizing Tollywood as a potential industry.


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