Daggupati Rana and Anushka Shetty are part of two period films in Tollywood. In a recent interview, Rana shared an industry joke about the duo. ‘Whenever somebody thinks of a period film in Tollywood, it would be Rana and Anushka who would be approached first for the main princely roles.’ Though Rana shared the joke for pun intended, his foretelling is likely going to be true.

Coming to the point, producers belonging to UV Creations banner are presently planning to make a historical film titled ‘Taramati’. Taramati was a famous courtesan during the reign of Golkonda Nawab, Abdullah Qutb Shah. She was popular for her mesmerising beauty and scintillating dance performances.

Presently according to the reports, the script work for this movies is going on and the makers have approached Anushka for the title role. Reports even claim that the beautiful heroine accepted the offer and this film would go on sets soon, once the pre-production work concludes. So, Anushka has become the care of address for historical films. Will Rana follow into the project soon? What say Rana?