Rana DaggubatiRana Daggubati has been busy these days promoting his recent web series, Rana Naidu, streaming on Netflix. The actor received a lot of appreciation for his performance but also got some flak for some of the shocking bold content and language.

During a recent interview, Rana opened up about his corneal and kidney transplant. He had mentioned before also that he suffered from partial blindness and could only see with one eye. Now he further added that he could not see from his right eye and how he coped with his partial blindness.

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He said, “I am one of the few guys who regularly speaks about corneal transplants. It was also because I met a kid whose mother had lost her eye and he was very sad. And I told him it’s not what it is. Everything has a way of it, and told him about my eye.”

He further added, “People get heartbroken because of a physical problem and even after it is fixed, there is a heaviness that stays. I had a corneal transplant, I had a kidney transplant so I am almost like Terminator.”

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Even on Samantha’s show last year, Rana had said, “My life was on a fast-forward mode when there was sudden pause button. There was blood pressure calcification around the heart, and kidneys had failed… It could have been a 70% chance of stroke or hemorrhage and 30% chance of death straight. But I survived.”

Rana Daggubati has no other projects coming up; it seems he is prepping for the second season of Rana Naidu.

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