Rana baby movie photosBaby is the upcoming film of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar which also has an important role for our Rana Daggubati in it. The film is gaining lots of buzz thanks to the director Neeraj Pandey whose previous films have been critically acclaimed success.

The director made his last film with Akshay Kumar named Special 26. It was very popular among the Akshay Kumar fans and that is one of the major reasons along with the fact that Baby is an action thriller for the hyper excitement of the fans about it. The result of this excitement is the nonstop trending of the film on social networking site Twitter. Baby has been trending for the past 14 days which has never occurred before for any film from any film industry.

Already the makers obliged to the fans wishes and released a short teaser of the trailer but the fans clearly seem to be not interested which is why its still trending. The actual trailer is going to hit the web on December 3.