Junglee Rummy,Junglee Rummy Rana Ad,Junglee Rummy Prakash Raj Ad,Junglee Rummy TVC Rana,Rana Prakash Raj Playing Junglee Rummy TVC, Junglee Rummy Rana VideoWe know that star actors Rana Daggubati and Prakash Raj were roped in by Games company Junglee Games. A video of the duo featuring in an advertisement for JungleRummy is now released which is really funny and entertaining.

Rana and Prakash Raj are seen in retro styles. While Prakash is seen playing rummy the trraditional style, Rana is seen laughing out loud at the ordeals Prakash Raj seems to be facing because of the traditional cards. Both these actors have national appeal.

This video is shot with a funny backgrund song, which is a parody of a super hit comedy number of the bygone days ‘Sardard meri takraaye’ converted into a rummy cards song. It’s hilarious to see Prakash Raj and his ordeals. Seems JungleRummy is going to really connect with audiences with the help of this video.