Venkatesh SaindhavVenkatesh and Rana Daggibati’s crime drama web series Rana Naidu has been hitting the headlines for the past few days. The film is being discussed on and offline due to its bold and obscene content, which is shocking and completely unexpected from someone like Venkatesh, who is a family-friendly hero.

Every filmmaker or actor wants his film to be talked about, irrespective of positive or negative reasons. And Rana Naidu has achieved that goal of being a red-hot topic of discussion, despite all the criticism.

Venkatesh is coming up with Saindhav in the direction of HIT-fame Sailesh Kolanu. The film’s first look teaser received a good response from the audience.

Now the popularity of Rana Naidu is going to help Saindhav in creating some more hype, as the public will be eager to see what Venkatesh will offer in his next after shocking them with Rana Naidu.

Will Venkatesh continue with this new image of a super cool, I-care-a-damn attitude guy, or will he revert back to his goody-goody image of a family-friendly hero has to be seen.