Rana Naidu TrailerNetflix has dropped the trailer for Rana Naidu, a crime action thriller series featuring Rana and Venkatesh Daggubati in the lead roles.

The trailer starts with the introduction of Rana, who is seen as a fixer for the stars. He fixes every big scandal in Bollywood. Where he goes, there’s scandal there.

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Things turn upside down when Venky, who plays Rana’s alienated father is released early from jail. The due now has to confront their dark past. How does this affect their lives?

The first thing that catches the attention is the A-rated conversations between Rana and Venky’s characters. They’re evidently playing full on rugged and action packed roles. The scandals theme and the personal feuds appear to be the driving force in the narrative.

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The low-lit visuals are good and so is the compelling background score. Netflix mark quality is seen in the production scale. It should be fun to see Rana and particularly, Venkatesh in such a never-before role. This is unlike anything he had done in the past.

Towards the end, it is also confirmed that the series will stream on Netflix from the 10th of March. Given that this is the first Telugu series with mainstream Tollywood personalities, it has to be seen how this fairs.

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