Rana Naidu Shocking ScensRana Naidu is the latest offering in the world of Indian web series directed by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma. It is the official adaptation of the 2013 crime TV series Ray Donovan. Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati are making their debut in the OTT space with this series. The series started streaming last night on Netflix.

During the promotions of the series, the entire cast, especially Rana Daggubati, was pressing on the fact that this series isn’t suitable to watch with the entire family. But it wasn’t taken so seriously.

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Going by the reviews and OTT talk, it can be said that Rana was completely right. The series comprises ten episodes, with each episode being 50 mins long. The first episode itself has a lot of swearing, abuse, sex scenes, and profanity which can never be watched with family. In fact, many are getting shockingly surprised seeing Venkatesh in a show like this.

It is being said that the Telugu version has been toned down a bit when compared to the Hindi version. But even this toned-down version ranks quite high in terms of adult content. A section of Venkatesh fans are terribly upset with streaming partner Netflix for casting their favorite hero. It is known that Netflix India is still struggling to gain momentum in South. This will further ruin their reputation as Telugu familes avoid taking new subscriptions.

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The series is best suited for watching alone or with a group of close friends. Watching it with family or ladies can cause extreme discomfort and embarrassment.

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