Rana-Decided-His-Wife-in-6-MinutesThough he knew Miheeka Bajaj almost all his life as she happens to be Venkatesh’s daughter Aashritha’s friend, it only took 6 minutes for the Daggubati scion to decide that she was the right one for him.

During a live chat with Manchu Lakshmi for Hyderabad Times, Rana has revealed many things about his love life. He fell in love with Miheeka just before the lockdown and he thinks everything about her fits perfectly for him.

Though he proposed to her and both families agreed to their marriage, Rana didn’t give her a ring yet. He gushes, “When you meet the right person, you just know it that you want to settle down with that person. The same thing happened to me.”

Both his parents and Miheeka were shocked and at the same time were happy when they heard about his proposal. They do look like ‘Made for Each Other’ kind of couple and it’s heartening to see Rana so blissfully happy.