rana-daggubati-taapsee-pannuRana Daggubati is an avid lover of food is a known fact among his buddies. His eating escapades had been in discussion and media too wrote much about Rana’s love for various cuisines. Here comes another actor who shares the same passion.

Tapsee Pannu is also a lover of food and the two are now bonding over delicious food, discussing food and ordering mouth-watering delicacies. All this is happening on the sets of their upcoming tri-lingual ‘Ghazi’. The duo are said to be bonding big time.

So whenever there is a break on the sets of ‘Ghazi’ Rana and Tapsee are spending time with each other, which they couldn’t during their earlier outings (films) when they have worked with each other. Tapsee says Rana enjoys his food and let’s others enjoy theirs. Common love! That’s what makes people to develop friendships, doesn’t it?