Rana daggubati struggled hard to find help in Vizag for ghazi movieRana is pretty excited to be acting in a movie like ‘Ghazi’, which is said to be first of its kind based on a submarine named PNS Ghazi, which sank in 1971 during Indo-Pak war in Vizag. How did Vizag people help Rana and film maker Sankalp to get into the details of the incidents that happened?

Rana says that he couldn’t get any help in Vizag because there is no living person who knows about the Ghazi submarine and its sinking. Hence, they had to do a lot of research studying through books and meeting many naval officers to understand in detail.

Rana is playing a naval officer of an Indian Submarine S2, who lays submerged under water for 18 days along with his crew. As Indian war stories are always classified, the information about these war episodes aren’t much known to common people.