Rana Daggubati - AranyaRana Daggubati’s ‘Aranya‘ (‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ in Hindi) is hitting theatres on 26th March. However, the pre-release buzz on this movie isn’t up to the mark and seems that even the pre-release event of the movie failed to create enough buzz given the serious genre of ‘Aranya’.

Usually, these kinds of movies speak for themselves when the main narrative is woven around nature and the conservation of animals. Nevertheless, the onus will be on the makers and the lead to take the movie to the masses. So, Rana is pulling off the last trick.

The makers have planned for special shows for the journalists in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai cities. This is a strategy that will pay off in the form of reviews from the special shows before the release of the movie and help the premieres’ openings.

Prabhu Soloman has directed this trilingual movie that’s going to release in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi versions across the country. The kind of hard work that goes into making such films.

But, it’s the entertainment part that would pay off commercially. Let’s see if this movie works despite not very impressive promotions.